About Us

Wear a part of you - OT sunwearHere at OT we believe in the true and free expression of our ideas; in being foolishly optimistic at heart, because a good attitude would sure change the world; and in that our frames should be made with materials that are friendliest to our mother earth. We envision a changed world that revolves around the stories we share, and a process that will make you want to tell your story out loud and wear it proudly.

Using different types of recycled wood and bamboo as our canvas, and skillfully engraving your story onto it, we will enable you to literally wear a part of you. Some of the stories you will find at OT will transform tales of courage, freedom, truth, hope, motivation or strength into carefully and precisely crafted engravings in on any of OT's collections of wood and bamboo shades.

So go ahead. Tell your story out loud.