How to Make your OT's a part of you

There are things that belong to you; then there are things that are –undeniably– a part of you. And we believe your OTs ought to be exactly that. It is why we've come up with a simple way to pair your favorite frame with a design that tells your story. Whether you're thinking you'll put a story to your frames, or a frame to your story, we've made it easy for you to make a pair of OTs more closely fit your story, your theme, or your personality.

personalize your frames - otsunwearPick your frames, then a design. 

On the Frames page, you'll find a list of designs to choose from. Make sure you explore our Designs Page to know what you're choosing. Then move forward to checkout, or keep shopping.





Pick your design, then a sweet pair of OTs 

On our Designs Page, You'll find a list of frames to choose from. If you flip through any design's images, you'll notice a diagram that shows how each design will fit into a given frame.